The Funny Dictionary by Troy Simpson

The Funny Dictionary: An A–Z of Kids' Funny Definitions, published by the National Library of Australia, was launched on 16 October 2018 by Professor Michael Coper.

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The Funny Dictionary is an alternative dictionary comprising funny definitions based on real-life funny exam answers by school children, collected from hundreds of sources (such as historical newspapers, magazines, private collections, and the best-selling Howlers books of the 1920s and 1930s). The Funny Dictionary includes hundreds of funny definitions and 40 cleverly chosen photographs from the National Library's pictorial collections that bring to life some of the book's best funny definitions.

When Professor Michael Coper launched The Funny Dictionary on 16 October 2018, he mentioned one of the main reasons for writing the book:

'I want to finish on a serious note, and congratulate Troy not only for his erudite account of the history and nature of student howlers and his wonderful collection of them but also for making a significant contribution to our mental health and well-being. However you view humour, whether as therapy or just as something to be enjoyed for its own sake, these howlers will bring a smile to your face, perhaps even a tear to your eye. The authors are anonymous, so there are no victims. We cannot help but enjoy and be uplifted by the humour.'

The Funny Dictionary Michael Coper

Above: Professor Michael Coper officially launches The Funny Dictionary

Dip into The Funny Dictionary when you feel low. Ponder the delightful illustrations. And empathise with the school kids who have had a bad day, too. The Funny Dictionary: An A–Z of Kids' Funny Definitions is my little reminder that you are not alone.

And explore this website from time-to-time, too, to bring a smile to your face or even, perhaps, a hearty laugh. The Funny Dictionary website includes:


Troy Simpson
The Funny Dictionary: An A–Z of Kids' Funny Definitions (2018)