Sorry! You need to wait a little longer until The Funny Dictionary: An A–Z of Kids' Funny Definitions comes out in October 2018 (perhaps a little sooner if you check your local bookstore around September)! But it will be worth the wait. Pubished by the National Library of Australia, The Funny Dictionary: An A–Z of Kids' Funny Definitions (2018) is humorously illustrated with photographs from the Library's pictorial collections. Follow the book's social media channels for updates: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Here's what people have said about The Funny Dictionary:

"The most side-splitting, gut-busting, knee-slapping fluffs and flubs, goofs and gaffes, and botches, blunders, boo-boos, and bloopers in convenient alphabetical form." Richard Lederer, author of Anguished English (

"In case of the blues, administer this book for an immediate cure. The Funny Dictionary n. hilarity!" Tim Ferguson, author, TV presenter, and comedian.

"Without Troy Simpson's exceptional new book The Funny Dictionary, I don't think I could carry on the deception. Troy has given me my life back. I feel funny again. All is forgiven." Austen Tayshus, Wordsmith and Superstar.

"To those who feel dictionaries are dull and the makers of them drudges, consider Troy Simpson's Funny Dictionary, which will quickly disabuse you of both notions." Robert Hartwell Fiske, editor, The Vocabula Review (

"The Funny Dictionary is a delightful collection of harmless blunders in language, all committed by people who, leaning out as far as they can over the edge of an exam question, fall heavily to the ground. This is a collection of the splatter-marks they left." Julian Burnside AO QC.