Anti-climax, especially when it’s unintentional, can be the funniest kind of blunder in writing — especially when you’re trying to be serious. Consider these examples of unconsciously humorous anti-climaxes. Which one is your favourite?

Missing person

In this advertisement in a London newspaper, two parents express their anguish and concern for their missing daughter. Or do they? Read their Missing Persons advertisement below, to the end.

If this should meet the eye of Emma D, who absented herself last Wednesday from her father's house, she is implored to return, when she will be received with undiminished affection by her almost heart-broken parents. If nothing can persuade her to listen to their joint appeal, should she be determined to bring their grey hairs with sorrow to the grave, should she never mean to revisit a home where she has passed so many happy years, it is at least expected, if she is not totally lost with all sense of propriety, that she will, without a moment's further delay, send back the key to the tea-caddy.

The Power of Nature

This description of a storm by a tourist on board a ship conveys the fearsome power of nature… Sorta…

In spite of the most earnest solicitations to the contrary, in which the captain eagerly joined, I firmly persisted in remaining upon deck, although the tempest had now increased to such a frightful hurricane that it was not without great difficulty I could hold up my parasol!

The Hurricane Did What?!

This newspaper describes the even more devastating effects of a category 4 hurricane:

It shattered mountains, tore up oaks by the roots, dismantled churches, laid villages waste, and overturned a hay-stack.

In War, No-one Wins

Be afraid. Be VERY afraid:

The enemy is now hovering upon our borders, preparing to press the knife to our throats, to devastate our fields, to quarter themselves in our houses, and to devour our poultry.

A Crime Worse Than Murder?

This judge, in passing sentence, hates to see the fabric of high society torn apart by lowly wrongdoers:

Prisoner, not only have you committed murder, but you have run a bayonet through the breeches of one of Her Majesty's uniforms.