The following is a compilation of genuine student bloopers, collected over 3 decades, on the subject of William Shakespeare. I have kept as closely as possible to the words of the original student blooper; I have merely woven the bloopers into essay form. 

William Shakespeare wrote Black Beth, Mikado, Quo Vadie, San Toy, and The Sign of the Cross. He was also the author of Omlet. His odes have always been famous, but it is only just recently that his plays have been filmed.

Shakespeare's poems often start with good philosophy and apparently sound logic, but nearly always love is introduced. Romeo and Juliet are two of Shakespeare’s most famous lovers, but it is the balcony which always hits people in this play. Romeo and Juliet were star-crossed lovers, which means they were both cross-eyed.

Shakespeare's words are sometimes very hard to understand, but he generally means what he says. There are some passages in Shakespeare's work which are quite pretty, such as "Spoil the rod, and bare the child". One of his most famous lines is "I stood on the bride at midnight".

At first, Macbeth was a brave and strong man, till he committed suicide with Banquo. Then he turned bad and gradually got worse.

The workmen in A Midsummer Night's Dream were another big anacronism, and so were the fairies, but you cannot expect people always to know as much as you, and so I suppose we must excuse Shakespeare.

Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway, who it seems, lived up to her name, and had her own way and gave Shakespeare a hot time of it. Shakespeare wrote sonnets while he forgot Anne Hathaway. He was always very careless about household things. He ran away to London and worked outside a picture palace.