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FACETIOUS adj. someone who’s anti-democratic.  

FACILE 1. n. something old that is dug up. 2. a little face.


Above: the similar sound of facile to fossil evidently confused some school children. (Illustration by Tosh Bibb.)


FAITH n. when you believe something that you are quite sure isn’t true.

FALLACY n. another name for suicide.

FAUX PAS n. 1. a foot fault at tennis. 2. pass the forks.

FERTILE adj. pointless.

FETISH adj. people who enjoy going to fetes.

FEUDAL SYSTEM 1. n. a legal system that said if one man killed another, the man in the family of the murdered could kill the murderers, and so on. 2. lies between the Humber and the Thames.

ff mus. fortissimo 1. fump, fump. 2. eighty (f means forty, therefore ff means eighty).

FIASCO n. a wall painting.

FICTION n. those books that are fixed on the shelves and are not to be moved; non-fiction are not fixed and may be moved at will.  

FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE n. when you mean rooster and say chandelier. Cf. LITERALLY.

FILET MIGNON n. an opera by Puccini. 

FINESSE n. a GIRL fish.


Above: Finesse actually means impressive delicacy or skill. To remember the definition, just think of this lovely "girl fish" swimming delicately and skilfully

FISSURE n. a man who sells fish.

FLAGRANT adj. waving in the WIND.

FLIRTATION n. separating solids from liquids.

FOCUS n. a thing like a mushroom.

FOIBLE n. a story with a moral.

FOIST adj. before the second and third.

FOLIAGE n. the feathers of a bird.

FUGUE n. a very deep sort of note, usually heard in churches.

FURRIER n. a man who takes you across a river.