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J, K

JACOBITE n. short for James.

JIGSAWS n. what people of Japan ride in.

JUGGLER n. a vein.

JUSTIFIABLE HOMICIDE n. when a woman kills her husband.

K.C.M.G. Kindly Call Me Governor.

KINDRED SPIRIT n. a dead relation.  

KISMET n. a kiss your mother says you have to give your AUNTY and GIRL cousin when they come to your house and it doesn’t even matter if you’re 9 and a boy and I think it is very silly to have to kiss people at all.


Above: a school boy faces his fate (which is what kismet really means: fate or destiny). Kismet has nothing to do with kiss, except in this school boy's worst fears. (Illustration by Tosh Bibb.)

KREMLIN n. a place where people go to be cremated. See also, GREMLIN.