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N.B. 1. Note at the Bottom. 2. nota bene — without any money.

NATURAL IMMUNITY n. being able to catch a disease without the aid of a DOCTOR.

NAUTICAL MILES n. the distance to go to places we shouldn’t go to.

NAVIGATOR n. the strap SAILORS wear under their knees to stop the rats running up their legs. See also, GUITAR.

NECESSITY n. 1. the mother of convention. 2. the mother of indigestion.

NECTARINE n. a high kind of collar worn by men in the days of Queen Elizabeth.

NERO n. the less said about Nero, the better for all concerned.

NEUTRALISE n. to become a citizen.  

NIHILIST n. 1. a person who nihils in church. 2. hist. forces defeated at the Battle of the Nile. Cf. STOICS.

NITRATES n. cheaper than day rates.

NONPLUS prep. minus.  

NORTH POLE n. a stick put in the ground by the person who can go farthest north.

North Pole

Above: A student mistakes pole (meaning, in this context, the northern end of the earth's axis of rotation) with pole (meaning a rounded piece of wood or metal or other material, often used with one end placed in the ground). (Illustration by Tosh Bibb.)

NOXIOUS n. a hammer.