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VACATION n. a career like teaching.  

VACUUM n. 1. an empty space where the Pope lives. 2. we can’t exactly explain what a vacuum is but we have it in our heads. Cf. VATICAN.

VAGRANT adj. sweat smelling. 

VANDAL n. a kind of shoe that shows all the toes.


Above: A school kid becomes an accidental fashion commentator? Someone who wears sandals all the time is indeed often a fashion vandal. (Illustration by Tosh Bibb.)  

VATICAN n. a vat for making wines. Cf. VACUUM.

VEGETABLE CELL n. a place very dark and gloomy where greengrocers who sell bad vegetables go.  

VEGETARIAN n. an old soldier.

VERSATILE adj. poetic.

VETERINARIAN n. a surgeon who cures veterans.

VICE VERSA n. a vicious poem.

VILE n. the lowest-toned instrument in the string section.

VIRGIL n. the mother of Christ.  

VOLCANO n. a mountain from which lather comes.