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WATER n. a light-coloured wet liquid that turns dark when you wash it.

WATERSHED n. 1. where WATER is kept. 2. a house between two rivers so that a drop of water falling on one side of the roof runs into one river, and a drop on the other side goes into the other river.

WEIGHT n. 1. the weight that a thing weighs. 2. the pull of gratitude on an object. 3. the same thing as mass but not exactly quite the same thing. They really mean the same thing. 

WEIR n. a place where you find weird people.


Above: a student mistakenly assumes a weir (a small dam in a river or stream) has something to with weird (odd or strange). (Illustration by Tosh Bibb.)

WELSHER n. a native of Wales.

Wii pron. two or more people.  

WIND n. air in a hurry.