The Funny Dictionary follows my earlier book, Funny English Errors and Insights: Illustrated, published by the National Library of Australia. As with Funny English Errors, I have utilised the Library’s physical and online collections in researching and compiling The Funny Dictionary. I am grateful to the National Library for their excellent resources, for the help of the library’s staff in finding my way around the Library’s collections, and for publishing Funny English Errors, the success of which has helped pave the way for The Funny Dictionary.

I pay special thanks to Denise Sutherland. Denise — an established author, graphic designer, and syndicated puzzle writer — read several earlier drafts, made suggestions about the book’s form and content, and contributed some ingenious edits, among other contributions (including 3 illustrations that appear on this website). You can see the breadth and depth of Denise’s skills on her website,

In November 2015, I commissioned American illustrator Tosh Bibb to contribute 50 illustrations to the online version of The Funny Dictionary. You can see Tosh's portfolio here. The illustrations will add yet another level of humour to the book. I am deeply grateful for Tosh's wit, passion, and talent in contributing the illustrations (which I will upload as they come to hand).

Troy Simpson
November 2015